Meet your customers wherever they may be, 24/7 Communication is evolving with multi-channel customer service becoming the new standard. Digital media has transformed the interactions between brands and their customers and now it is much easier to speak with your customers 24/7, something which they value and appreciate. A strong multi-channel presence lets you stay connected to your customer base in more ways than ever. We understand that for your company this is a big part of your customer service experience. Over the years, Ansaback’s team have worked closely with businesses on what is important to their customers and clients alike. We treat each of your interactions as a chance to reinforce your relationship with your clients, transforming them into repeat customers and loyal advocates for your brand.

Social Media Monitoring and Response
We can help you protect your brand across a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wechat. We also support many of our clients social review requirements providing on-brand responses via Trust Pilot and Trip Advisor. Many companies find they cannot keep up with the increasing demand of customers using social media as a communication channel and turn to Ansaback for our Social Media Monitoring and Response services. Let us help you engage your customers, boost your brand awareness and manage your reputation online.

Web Chat
We can help you add value for your customers, decrease basket abandonment, and boost sales figures. Our market leading web chat software embeds a real-time, welcoming presence right into your website. Need instant, real time professional support for your customer’s questions? We’ve got it covered!

Email and White Mail Management
Ansaback can consolidate and organise your digital and traditional correspondence with our email management services and white mail handling solutions.

Let us handle your fulfilment needs with our telephony fulfilment services. Whether you need support for a particular campaign or on a full-time basis, Ansaback will make sure your customers get what they need from you, quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Disaster Recovery Services
Fire, flood, network failure, theft, technical outages or even traffic disruptions can have a massive impact on your business. Nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but careful planning and preparation are crucial to getting operations back on their feet in the event of an emergency. Protect your customers, your staff, your reputation, and your bottom line with comprehensive, reliable disaster recovery services from Ansaback.

Full physical disaster recovery resources
We’ll work with you to put together a full crisis strategy which we can activate at a moment’s notice. We’ll brief all relevant staff and provide regular updates to your designated disaster manager. Ansaback can get in touch with your business partners and key clients to let them know about the temporary communication arrangements.

Divert service
Ansaback has full emergency overflow and switchboard call handling facilities at your disposal in the event of a disaster. We can instantly arrange to route all your calls through our own UK call centre, where they will be handled with professional courtesy and individual attention.

Cloud computing
Our Intelligent Network Platform Services offer another level of security. By issuing clients with a non-geographical DDI number, we can use these disaster recovery services to redirect telephone calls to a remote contact centre in the event of total disruption to our own contact centre.

IT services
Ansaback’s high-spec IT infrastructure offers a vastly robust and resilient framework with multiple built-in redundancies. We are capable of withstanding whatever fate may throw our way, to facilitate your immediate recovery and keep you in contact with your customers.